The editor

The ultradeck window is where you can craft your deck, apply themes and colors, add presenter notes, add images and other assets, and use custom CSS.

Themes and fonts

Ultradeck comes with a wide variety of color schemes and font themes. You can apply a theme or color to a single slide or your whole deck.

Changing theme and color of your entire deck

To change the color or theme of multiple slides at once, select multiple slides you'd like to change by holding down the alt or command key while selecting. Additionally, you can click "Select all slides" to make changes to your entire deck, as shown below:


In addition to color schemes and fonts, you can change the layout of an individual slide. Layouts are great for key slides or topic changes.

All layouts expect an h1 tag (#) followed by an h2 tag (##). For example, this Markdown:

# Use Awesome Layouts

## To start your slides

Combined with the "Circle Title" layout will yield this:

Rearranging your slides

You can easily re-arrange your slides by dragging them to the right place.

Duplicating slides

You may duplicate slides by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right of a slide and clicking "Duplicate"

Adding presenter notes

Add presenter notes for each slide, which you can show in a separate window when running your presentation.

Using the custom CSS window

You can add custom CSS to a slide, which you can use to do per-slide styling.

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